The school will be closed for the Easter Holidays from 1st April until 18th April. Have a lovely break. We look forward to seeing all the children back in school on Monday 19th April.
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Year 4

Well done :)

Spanish:Use your Knowledge Organiser. Task 1 Match the shadows to the words Task 2 Fill in the missing vowels See page 2 and check your answers.

Today on Rockstar math, I was completely beaten. I would like to say an extra special well done to one of Topaz pupils who scored over 800. Unfortunately as of yet,  you are not on google classroom so I could not congratulate you on there Mr Liverpool :). I need to get over my defeat so On Friday 24th May, I have set up battles between classes as follows:

Topaz Vs Indigo 12.30-12.45

Indigo Vs Scarlet 12.45-1.00

Scarlet Vs Topaz 1.00-1.15.

I will be checking the scores and sharing them.  

The results are in:

Indigo 554 Vs Topaz 554

Indigo 459 Vs 519 Scarlet

Topaz 505 Vs 703 Scarlet

Future battles- Monday 27th All three classes Vs each other to get the ultimate winner at 1 pm until 1.30.

Wednesday 29th 1 pm Miss Davies Vs Year 4.

Good Morning all, I hope you had a wonderful Easter Holiday. We are all missing you tremendously. We have uploaded this weeks work, there is a deadline for the work to be completed, Monday 27th, before new work is added. I would aim to spend one hour working on Math (including Rockstar math) each day. At least one and half hour on your English tasks, reading, writing and grammar. Then an hour on topic, you can refer to knowledge organizers on the CPS website. Please remember at some point your times tables will be tested. Additionally, read as often as possible and have fun! Stay safe and watch out for challenges on Rockstar math because on 3 out of the 4 occasions I have beaten you and it is me vs you all! -Miss Davies

First of all Year 4, we hope you are all safe and well. 

Thank you for completing your work.  We are now entering the Easter holidays. So we have created 20 fun activities for you to sink you teeth into at your own leisure.


Remember, you  have topic work you could be completing and the other holiday worksheet. Also, you have lots of books you can on Bug club and Rockstar math you could be playing. In addition to these activities, it is the holidays! Have fun, play games, cook, take photos, make mini films, play, draw, colour and relax- put up your feet and watch t.v. 

Have a lovely holiday!

Year 4 team

Easter Holiday Task:

As it is April fools day, get creative and plan an April fools prank!


Also, Miss Davies will be on Rockstar math on Friday at 10 for half an hour. Hope to see you online then!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are well. It was nice to play some of you on Rock Star Math the other day, I will be back challenging on Tuesday 31st March at 11 for half an hour. Hope to see some of you then.

Some Extra work for week 1- Please note the second page is spellings to be practiced.

Miss Davies will be on Rock Star Math from 11 on Wednesday 25th March and Friday 27th March if you want to challenge her.

Year 4 (2 weeks work). Passwords to Bug Club are the children's classes (Topaz, Scarlet and Indigo), Usernames remain the same.