The school will be closed for the Easter Holidays from 1st April until 18th April. Have a lovely break. We look forward to seeing all the children back in school on Monday 19th April.
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Welcome to Reception!


                                             The teachers and teaching assistants in Reception are:                                      

Red Class Mrs Kochhar and Ms Patel

                      Blue Class  Miss Mair and Miss Rowe                 

                    Pink Class   Mrs Baldwin and Mrs Chauhan                 

Spring 1: 

Week 1: Police

Week 2: Firefighters

Week 3: Construction/Builders/Three Little Pigs

Week 4: Doctors/Nurses/Vets

Week 5:Librairan/Shops

Week 6: Supertato & Chinese New Year/Valentines Day


Christmas Activities in Reception


Children in Reception for the past few weeks have been working on making their classroom look festive for Christmas. They have been visited by an elf sent by Santa. Below are some pictures that have captured the children's excitement:








Autumn 2 Work in Reception:







Reception Environment:


Here are some pictures of our learning environment both indoors and outdoors. We aim to provide the children with exciting and engaging opportunities to learn in different ways.