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Pupil Leaders

Meet our pupil leaders...

CPS Parliament 

Our School Parliament members have been voted by their classes to be their representatives at their half-termly meetings. They will listen to and present the views of their class on a wide variety of school-based topics and work together to be a true and fair voice for their peers.

Science Ambassadors

At Cranford Primary, Science Ambassadors have wonderful opportunities to take part in special science missions given each term. The children come together to vote for their favourite completed mission, which can vary from power points to models. The children also have an opportunity to share their experiences with their year groups. Pictures are shared on our website and in the school newsletter. We love to promote the love for Science across the school, and our Science Ambassadors greatly help achieve this goal!

Eco Warriors 

Cranford Primary School have appointed an Eco committee with the mission to improve eco-sustainability across the school. Each class has an Eco-Warrior representative that meet termly and the team have tasks across the year to get the whole school and the wider community involved in exciting environmental projects. 

The Eco Committee worked toward achieving our first Eco Green Flag - with Merit award in 2021/2022. To achieve the award some of the activities have included school ground litter picking, reading the electricity meters, creating homes for bees, introducing food waste bins and recycling batteries.

So far this year, the Eco Committee have completed their Eco review process, which has enabled us to consider what steps to take next.

Wellbeing Warriors

At CPS, our Wellbeing Warriors have been elected by their class to support wellbeing across the school.  As part of their role, they have the responsibility to check the daily physical activity that takes place and lead warm-up sessions at the start of PE lessons. 

Each half-term, the Wellbing Warriors meet with Mr Whitfield (Sports Impact Coach) to share their ideas about PE as well as different lunchtime and after-school activities they would like to see at Cranford Primary School.