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Welcome to our Nursery 

Nursery Staff

Early Years Lead and Nursery Teacher

Mrs Sabharwal 

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Ellen Wilde

Miss Kotadia  Nursery Nurse 


Rainbow Nursery Staff

Early Years Lead and Nursery Teacher

Mrs Sabharwal

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Panjshiri Nursery Nurse 

Miss Cowderoy Nursery Nurse

Miss Sohal



Autumn 1:

Week 3: Settling In

Week 4: Rules/ Routines

Week 5: Hygiene

Week 6: Myself

Week 7: Family




Morning and Afternoon Children will stay in our main Nursery.

Full time children will stay in school for the whole day and get to spend time in the Rainbow Room in the afternoons.


Our Nursery this Year
















Some Pictures from open day 2019

 We came in with our mummies and daddies and got to play in Nursery for the first time. We had lots of fun.

























Cooking in our new DT Room




















Open day at our Nursery


































We enjoyed celebrating different events  last year in Nursery.


Children were interested in learning about Jack and the Beanstalk.




















We celebrated National History day.








































The children enjoyed playing with colours during Holi. 












Our visit from the firemen



















Miss Rowe's pet rabbit Scribbles came to visit our Nursery 



















World book day












Curriculum Overview




Our Nursery

























































Tips on how to read with your child at home.