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Noorian Riaz



LA Governor: appointed by the Councillors of Hounslow

Term of office from 5 October 2021 to 4 October 2025
First appointed on 23 March 2009



I have been a Governor at Cranford Primary school since 2008. I started this role as a parent governor with Cranford Infant and Nursery School and after the amalgamation continued on with the same role at the Primary school.
Having obtained an educational degree in Engineering, I am now the Head of a software organisation. This, along with my diverse background, enables me to make a substantial contribution to the school by being an active participant in helping to change the way that the whole school involves the community, so that the children benefit and adapt in more creative and intelligent ways. I want to put the practical experience that I have gained so far, along with my multicultural experiences, to work for the benefit of the school and to help CPS (who have devoted themselves to a lifetime of carrying the torch of education forward) as this is the fundamental basis of our society and the bastion of our traditions and values which we can impart to the children.


I am keenly aware of the overlap between the well-being of society and the quality of its educational system; in keeping with this I would like to act as a link between parents and the school. Also, I would like to help devise new and increasingly innovative methods to improving the educational standards of the school.


I have a special interest in the development of the educational policy that seeks, in an ongoing fashion, to provide ever greater security and resources for those children who are in most need of help, educationally challenged children and members of at-risk minority groups.


As I have been a governor for the last 12 years, I have developed an in-depth knowledge of the commitment and responsibilities required from a school governor.
During his time at Cranford Primary School I saw my son flourish under the nurturing care of the teachers and grow from a meek boy to a confident young lad.  My daughter also grew in leaps and bounds and has recently moved to secondary school with confidence.  


Declaration of interest: None


Other governorships: None


Attendance at Governors meetings (for academic year 2021-22): 100%