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Science Day

Re: Science Day – (Reception – Year 6)
We are excited to announce that 6th June will be our first Science day. During the day, pupils are going to take part in a number of engaging Science activities. We are also asking pupils to dress up as a scientist and bring in £1 to fund an assembly where pupils will be able to experience an interactive science experiment performed by a visiting scientist!


In order to prepare for Science day, please select a famous British Scientist and help your child to learn about what they did and which scientific field they worked in. Encourage your child to research the scientist and prepare a short presentation to share with their class. Famous British Scientists include Stephen Hawking, Charles Darwin, Sir Isaac Newton, Alan Turing, Ada Lovelace, Rosalind Franklin, Robert Boyle, Elizabeth Garret Anderson and Katie Bouman. 


Class teachers will share ideas for costumes with their children.  Please have a look online as there are some easy and imaginative ideas on how to make costumes using items from home rather than buying shop brought costumes. 


If you have any questions regarding Science day please ask you class teacher.