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Jasmeen Chana

Staff Governor - elected by a ballot of all teachers

Term of office from 10 September 2018 to 9 September 2022
First appointed on 10 September 2018


I am pleased to have been appointed the staff governor for Cranford Primary School. I have been teaching for over nine years now and have worked my way up to the position of Deputy Headteacher at Cranford Primary. Over the years, I have enjoyed building my expertise and more recently, was accredited with becoming a Nationally-Recognised Lead Practitioner.


Raising standards in education and working collaboratively is essential. Through strong leadership, I have seen how high levels of attainment can be achieved and that the gap between FSM and Non-FSM children can be narrowed considerably. I have learned that achieving a common goal within a team and maintaining high levels of teaching is essential in the achievements of both pupils and staff. This is achieved through hard work and perseverance. Having a disciplined attitude to my work, I have been able to develop and instil growth mindsets into children and adults and use this to create good work ethics among a class and group of staff. It’s important to remember that all children have the right to achieve their full potential, and that it’s our duty, as practitioners, to do all we can to ensure they succeed in this.


I feel I have the skills and attributes to successfully fulfil the role of staff governor. I look forward to working alongside the Governing Body to ensure high standards of teaching and learning is upheld at Cranford Primary School.


Declaration of interest: None


Other governorships: None


Attendance at Governors meetings (for academic year 2021 - 22): 100%