The school is closed on Friday 22nd October for the Queen's Jubilee and is also closed the following week (25th - 29th October) for Half Term. We look forward to seeing you all back in school on 1st November 2021l
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A huge welcome from all of the Governors at Cranford Primary School. My name is Noorian Riaz and I was appointed Chair of Governors in September 2017, having been on the Governing Body since 2008. Both of my children attended Cranford Primary School and both achieved their very best thanks to the nurturing care of the teachers and staff. They have now moved onto secondary school with all the skills necessary to see them thrive.  


The Governing Body is an elected group of teachers, support staff, parents and members of the local community. We work as a team with the Head Teacher for the benefit of all the pupils and staff at Cranford Primary School. Governors are all volunteers and have a range of different backgrounds and we are here to give the school a strategic direction and to act as a ‘critical friend’. We do not get involved in the day to day operation of the school - that is the responsibility of the Head Teacher - but we do set the criteria by which the school is managed.


Cranford Primary School has its own Governing Body and it is made up of:


· 1 LA Governor – appointed by the Councillors of Hounslow.

· Headteacher

· 2 Parent Governors – elected by the parents and must be themselves parents or carers of children who attend the school at the time of the elections. All parents have the opportunity to vote at these elections.

· 1 Teacher Governor - elected by a ballot of all teachers.

· 7 Co-opted Governors - elected by other members of the Governing Body because of their links with the local community or their particular skills and knowledge.


The full Governing Body meets at least once a term. It has two working committees – the Finance & Premises Committee and the Curriculum & Community Committee. These committees report back to the Governing Body at the main meetings.

We aim to be involved in school life whenever possible attending special assemblies and events and working with the children. These opportunities help governors to understand what is going on in school and also allow the children to meet governors.


To help you become more familiar with our governors their photographs are displayed in our entrance hall. If you would like any further information about our role or activities please do not hesitate to contact me through the school office. Copies of minutes and agenda items are also available upon request.


Noorian Riaz

Chair of Governors, Cranford Primary School




Governing Body of Cranford Primary School



Ms Noorian Riaz - CHAIR

(LA Governor)


Mr Vivek Thontadarya - VICE CHAIR

(Co-opted Governor)


Mrs Meena Walia - HEADTEACHER



Mrs Kerry Mulhair

(Co-opted Governor)


Mrs Maria D'Lima

(Co-opted Governor)


Mrs Shafia Haroon

(Co-opted Governor)


Mr Jaspreet Khabra

(Co-opted Governor)


Mrs Pristee Mourandie

(Parent Governor)


Mr Bipin Malhan

(Parent Governor)


Mrs Jasmeen Chana

(Staff Governor)


Mrs J Tomkins

(Co-Opted Governor)


Ms Josephine Holt

(Co-opted Governor)