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Our Governing Body


Welcome to the Governing Body pages of our website. My name is Noorian Riaz and I am the Chair of the Governing Body at Cranford Primary School. 


Governors work alongside school staff and take decisions affecting the strategic direction of the school. Governors act as ‘critical friends’ and are responsible for holding the school to account and support the school in its endeavour to achieve excellence in all aspects of school life.


Our Governing Body consists of 12 Governors:

1 LA Governor

Appointed by the Councillors of Hounslow

Ms Noorian Riaz

1 Acting Headteacher


Mrs Jasmeen Chana

2 Parent Governors

Elected by the parents and must be themselves parents or carers of children who attend the school at the time of the elections. All parents have the opportunity to vote at these elections.


Mr Bipin Malhan

Mrs Saranjit Dhaliwal

1 Teacher Governor 

Elected by a ballot of all teachers

Miss Kiranjot Khabra

7 Co-opted Governors 

Elected by other members of the Governing Body because of their links with the local community or their particular skills and knowledge

Mrs Shafia Haroon

Mrs Josephine Holt

Mrs Kerry Mulhair

Mr Vivek Thontadarya

Mrs Julie Tomkins

2 x Vacancy


Committee Structure


The full Governing Body meets at least once a term. It has two working committees who report back to the Governing Body at the main meetings.  The two committees are:


  • Finance, Staffing, Premises and Health and Safety Committee
  • Curriculum Committee




Finance, Staffing, Premises and Health and Safety Committee: Mr Thontadarya (Chair), Mrs Chana, Mrs Haroon, Mrs Mulhair, Mr Malhan 


Curriculum Committee: Ms Riaz (Chair), Miss Khabra, Mrs Tomkins, Mrs Holt, Mrs Dhaliwal


Our Governing Body Constitution

Register of Business Interests and Attendance