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Enabling Enterprise

Enabling Enterprise


Here at Cranford Primary, we take part in the Enabling Enterprise programme. Through this programme, pupils are given the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial skills and have the opportunity to visit national and global organisations. This gives them invaluable insight into the business and corporate world, preparing them for life in modern Britain.  


Over the past few years, we have worked alongside the Enabling Entreprise programme to allow our pupils to engage in fantastic trips and learning opportunities within the school. Every year, all classes will take part in a 'Challenge Day' - consisting of one scenario and different tasks leading from this one scenario. There are six skills that are encouraged by the programme: being creative; problem solving; aiming high; staying positive; listening and understanding; presenting; working in a team and leading. We believe these six skills will enable our children to develop skills for lifelong learning and prepare them for real-life situations.


Comments from children:

'Enabling Enterprise is a good subject for us because we can find out more about jobs and know what we could do when we are older'

Emre, aged 11, Year 6 Saffron


'The lessons are very fun and interesting. They help us to develop our working as a team skill'

Abdul, aged 10, Year 5 Emerald


'I love Enabling Enterprise because we work together as team. I love chatting about my ideas.'

Shabaz, aged 9, Year 4 Indigo'


'We both enjoy Enabling Enterprise because we all work on projects and present our ideas'

Jasmine and Abdulrafay, aged 7, Year 3 Aqua class


'It's great because we get to work on fun activities. I remember when we made a Art gallery and I made lots of pictures of flowers.'

Stevie and Ommera, aged 6, Year 2 Yellow class