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Attendance and punctuality are very important to us at Cranford Primary School. Please help us to help your children reach their full potential by ensuring they attend school on time every day.

Any absence from school will require parents/carers to contact school by 9am on 0208 759 0305 or via email to the office. Contact should be made every day of the pupil's absence from school.

‚ÄčIllness & Medical Appointments
If your child is unwell you will need to provide medical evidence in order for us to authorise the absence. Medical evidence can be doctor’s/hospital letters or texts, Covid test results or prescribed medication packaging which clearly shows your child's name. For virtual GP appointments or telephone consultations you can ask your GP for login details to access your medical records. You will then be able to see your telephone/virtual appointments and any medication that may have been prescribed.  School will NOT authorise any illness over 3 days without supporting documentation.

Medical appointments must be taken outside of school hours, especially routine dental appointments which should be made in school holidays. For other medical appointments you will need to bring proof of the appointment to the office well in advance and it will be added to the appointment book. Unless it is an emergency, parents should not be arriving at school to pick up children without prior notice.

Holidays in term time are not permitted. School is closed for at least 13 weeks of the year and holidays should be booked during this period. Any absence leading up to the start of a school holiday, or following directly on from a school holiday will be deemed as term time and WILL be unauthorised, unless evidence is provided. In family emergencies such as overseas bereavements, parents should make arrangements with extended family or friends for children to stay locally and continue their education. If this is not possible we ask parents to contact school before booking as anything not deemed an emergency will be unauthorised and will result in a referral to the Local Authority. 

Families with children in more than one school: It is inevitable that there will be some differences between school’s term dates and start and finish times. It is the responsibility of parents/carers with children to ensure that they check the school dates and times for all their children before making commitments and booking holidays.

School Opening Times