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Year 6

Summer 2


Firstly, we would like to say a huge 'well done' to all pupils in Year 6 for completing their end of Key Stage 2 assessments (SATs).  The journey was tough, seeing the children complete a lot of challenging work, but they did it.  Every child should be proud of their achievements so far.


Summer 2 term brings yet more fun and learning in to Year 6. 


REMINDER:  7th June, we will be going bowling at Airport Bowl.  Please ensure that you have made the payment of £5.00 via ParentPay.


This term, we will be continuing with writing in English and some examples of writing will include biographies, and letters.  We hope the children will use their previous learning in writing and produce some wonderful pieces throughout Summer 2.


In Maths, children will be learning via Maths projects. 


Once again, learning will commence on our History unit: Britain through the decades. 


Watch this space for more fun to come!



Summer 1


Welcome back to what is to be another busy term in Year 6.


We are fast approaching the SATs tests and children have already put in great efforts towards their learning. 


Week commencing Monday 29th April 2019 will be a Mock SATs week. 


The timetable for both the Mock week and the actual SATs week is as follows:

Monday: SPAG and spelling.

Tuesday: Reading

Wednesday: Mental Arithmetic and Reasoning 2 (Maths)

Thursday: Reasoning 3 (Maths)



Children will continue to be given homework on a daily basis.  Once again, it is important that this does get completed for the following day to enable it to be marked with the child.


Help boards!

Children, please remember that there is a help board in each class - please write down any concepts that you feel you need more help with, so that your teacher can prepare something for you!

Spring 2 update


Spring 2 has been another busy half term in Year 6.  The children have continued to work hard on their learning. 


On 25th March 2019, we held an information session for parents regarding the upcoming SATs - the information is below.


Over the Easter break, your child will be given homework to complete.  Once again, it is important that they complete the homework set and we encourage them to make their own revision timetable for the 2 week holiday.

SATs information - 25th March 2019

Spring 1 Update


The children in Year 6 have continued to work really hard - we are proud of them.  We have seen some good progression so far and look forward to seeing more during next half term.  We are getting closer and closer to the time of their SATs, and it is therefore vital that children continue to try their very best in everything. 



Homework is now being handed out every day, apart from Thursdays (when children can use this time for their own revision).  We thank you for your continued support with ensuring that the children's homework is completed to the very best of their abilities, as it really does benefit them.  Homework is marked with the children during the next lesson so it is important that the children do complete it on time.



Each week, children receive 10 new spellings to learn.  They are then tested on them at the end of the week.  Children must also be learning the Year 5/6 spelling words, which can be found in their Homework Diaries on page 97.  It would be wonderful if children could practise these with someone at home - perhaps writing them on a small whiteboard? or chanting them to an older brother or sister?

Welcome to Year 6!


Mrs Wathudura              Miss Timmins                       Mrs Chana

Year 6 Leader                                                      Assistant Head Teacher

6Saffron                        6Amber                            6Ebony


Other Staff:

Miss Dombayeva

Mrs Nazimi

Mrs Antal

Mrs Weerakkody



A huge welcome to Year 6.  The children have really settled in well and have begun to learn the new routines and challenges of Year 6.  We look forward to working with all children in the year group and hope that they work hard as well has have fun along the way! 


'Try your best and everything else falls into place'

Learning for Spring term


This term is an extremely busy term for learning.  The children will be consolidating their learning from Autumn term as well as learning new knowledge.  Homework will continue to be handed out and we do expect children to complete this as it really does help them with their learning in class.



In English, children will continue to work hard on their SPAG knowledge, understanding and application.  They will be learning how to write a 'Flashback' story.


This half term, the concepts covered will include: general arithmetic, time, measure, data and angles.

Cross Curricular learning:

Britain through the Decades:  the children will be learning about a variety of historical events which have happened in Britain.




During the second half of Autumn term, the children in Year 6 have been preparing for their own European Travel Fair.  Their task was to persuade people to come to their chosen country. 

On 18th December 2018, the children presented their travel fairs and we thought they were wonderful.  Each group had thought of different ways to persuade people to visit their country: brochures, examples of local foods, posters, examples of the currency used, Powerpoint quizzes. 

Well done to all the children involved.

European Travel Fairs

European Travel Fairs 1
European Travel Fairs 2
European Travel Fairs 3
European Travel Fairs 4
European Travel Fairs 5
European Travel Fairs 6
European Travel Fairs 7
European Travel Fairs 8
European Travel Fairs 9
European Travel Fairs 10

Year 6 curriculum overview for 2018/2019

Bournemouth - Day 1

Bournemouth - Day 1 1
Bournemouth - Day 1 2
Bournemouth - Day 1 3
Bournemouth - Day 1 4

What are Year 6 learning about in the Autumn term?


Literacy - Varmints, The London Eye Mystery and Anne Frank.

Maths - Number work, fractions, angles.

Science - Evolution and inheritance.

Topic - Europe.

Art - European landscapes.

Religious Education - The Buddha

ICT - E-Safety

Music - Composing a song.



Important information regarding SATs:


•During this year, children in Year 6 will take their SATs papers based on the new 2014 NC. These tests in English and Maths will reflect the new national curriculum, and are intended to be more rigorous. There will also be a completely new marking scheme to replace the existing national curriculum levels.
These tests will be both set and marked externally, and the results will be used to measure the school’s performance (for example, through reporting to Ofsted and published league tables). A child’s marks will be used in conjunction with teacher assessment to give a broader picture of their attainment.
The previous national curriculum levels have been scrapped, and instead children will be given scaled scores. Parents will be given their child’s raw score (the actual number of marks they get), alongside their scaled score and whether they have reached the national average. The score needed to reach the national average is around a 100 mark, however we are unable to say how many marks the children will need to achieve (in their raw score) to get the 100 mark. With this being said, we are unsure what the national average will look like, however we have robust testing strategies in place to help your child reach their full potential. As you know from parents evenings, currently we are able to tell you whether your child is on track to being age expected rather than a level or a score.
There is no longer an extension paper (Level 6 paper), all children will be sitting the same paper.


Please be rest assured the children and staff are working collaboratively in the run up to SATs. We are extremely proud of the determination and effort our children are showing!

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