There are no clubs or after school booster classes on Thursday 8th March or on Tuesday 13th March due to parents evening.
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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Emerald: Miss Davis, Miss Dhaliwal and Mrs Gunn (TA)

Sienna: Miss Eynon, Mr Horne (TA) and Ms Phillips (TA)

Crimson: Mrs Papalia and Mrs Nazimi (TA)


Year 5 is such a wonderful year!

We make all learning fun and ensure that all children try their best to achieve their targets.


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“On Monday 15th January, we had received a special chance to travel to the Science Museum which is located in the heart of London – also known as South Kensington. The teachers gave us the opportunity to go to the Science Museum because they wanted us to consolidate our learning on forces.


Our day began when we arrived at school. Our teachers speedily took the register. After that, Miss Davis kept chivvying us to take a trip to the restroom; she also made sure that everyone had their lunch and a coat with them. After one last head count, we set off!


Our journey began by walking to the bus stop (next to Bath road). We took the 222 bus and exited the bus at Hounslow West tube station. Next, we entered the tube station and went down a lot of stairs before reaching the Piccadilly line. Before we even knew it, the train had arrived. Entering the train, we realised that it was really crowded, so we had to stand. Whilst on the train, we were playing sensible games. I think it took us 12 to 13 stops – about 40 minutes.


Once we got to our destination, we climbed more stairs. After a lot of walking, we reached the Science Museum. When we entered through the group entrance, we noticed a really nice feature, the storage space for bags and coats were all labelled with a different element.


Once inside the museum, we took part in a lot of scientific activities. The first session was a show called: ‘Flash, Bang, Wallop!’ It was so cool. We learnt how to make fire and how to put out explosions. Did you know that to make fire you need: heat, oxygen and fuel? They did warn us not to repeat it at home and they made sure all the volunteers (some being from our class) wore protection.


After that, we went to the ‘Wonderlab’ which was an interactive, hands-on part of the museum where we could carry out a lot of investigations. It was epic and cool. Most children from CPS tested out the pulley machine and the friction slides as they were fun! Surprisingly, the wood slide was the fastest and the grass one was the slowest because of the amount of friction that was created.


At last, we went to watch the final show called ‘Feel the Force’. Guess what, yet again, some of the children were able to go up and help the Science Museum staff carry out the investigations! We also learnt about Galileo and Newton’s laws of motion.


We all had a fantastic day out in London consolidating our Science learning. We would recommend it to other children who have been learning about forces or any Science lovers! We know that everyone enjoyed the day as everyone was either sleeping on the tube back or bubbling with excitement. We all want to go back with our parents.

Thank you to all the teachers who accompanied us on the trip and a big thank you to Miss Davis, Mrs Papalia and Miss Eynon for organising the Science trip.”


Written by Zeinab, Koa, Conor, Oliwier and Bushra (Year 5 – Emerald)


What are we learning this term (SPRING)?

English: We will be writing a report, story and poem based on the following books: 'Ice Trap', 'The Highway Man', 'Comic disco' and 'Floodland'.

Maths: We will be learning about fractions, decimals and percentages and applying these all to problems.

Science: We will be learning about Earth, Sun and Moon and finishing our Forces topic.

Topic: We will be learning about Antarctica and United Kingdom.

ART & DT: We will be learning about making musical instruments and perspectives.

RE: We will be learning about celebrations and Easter.

ICT: We will be learning about staying safe online.


More Information...

To find out more information about each of these areas and the other subjects we are covering this term, please look at the PDF file below. You will also find an overview of the year, which includes all the topic areas.

Year 5 Overview for the year and Parental Workshop for this term:

Help your child read at home



Please ensure all English and Maths homework is handed in on Monday. Homework is handed out on Thursdays. Homework is an important part of learning, it should be taken seriously and completed to a high standard. Spellings will also be handed out on a Thursday and there will be a test the following week.


Topic homework is handed out every half term  and expected to be returned on the first day back. This will alternate between Science, History and Geography.


Children must read daily, have their reading records signed by an adult at least 3 times a week and should be in school on Friday for a teacher to check.



All children need to wear appropriate PE uniform and have it in school at all times:

  • Purple shirt

  • Black shorts/leggings/tracksuit bottoms

  • Trainers/plimsolls

Wonderful Learning:


If you have any learning that you would like to add to this page, please let your teacher know.

Year 5 Enabling Enterprise Trip (open the document below to find out more about our recent trip):