Half Term 27th May to 31st May. Back to school on Monday 3rd June at 8.50am
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Sporting Events

Cranford Primary School P.E Events

At Cranford Primary School, we take part in a lot of sporting events. We strongly believe that physical education is an important area of the curriculum and makes a significant contribution to a child’s personal, social and moral development. Therefore, our children take part in year group challenges, inter-school competitions, borough events and many more.


Recent News 


Cranford Primary School has maintained the Sainsbury's Sports GOLD mark for three consecutive years. We are the largest school in Hounslow to achieve this award!

Congratulations to all the children and staff that have contributed! We are now starting to set our sights on PLATINUM which is achieved on the 5th Consecutive year.  










Sports Council


Cranford primary school has proudly founded its very own sports council, formed by the students, for the students. This group will discuss all the issues related to all the sports and PE throughout the entire school.

The council consists of one child from each KS2 classes.

Our 2018/19 representatives are:


Year 3:

Arselan, Kirtveer, Milanpreet 

Year 4:

Ameer, Jessica, Vaneet 

Year 5:

Layla, Kalen, Fabio 

Year 6:

Thevindu, Ibrahim, Yusuf 



Sports Leaders


Cranford primary school has proudly founded its very own sports leader, formed by year 5 students. This group will support in school sponsored sporting events such as the Sports Days, and Intra-school competitions .

The council consists children from year 5.

Our 2018/19 representatives are:



Upcoming  events (Spring)

Intra school

Spring 2: Year 6 Football/Basketball

Summer 1: Year 5 Rounders 

Summer 1: Year 3 Tennis

Summer 2: Sports Days 




Inter school

29/04/2019 Year 5/6 Basketball 

21/05/2019 Year 5/6 Cluster Cricket Tournament

19/06/2019 Year 3/4 Tennis Festival

09/07/2019 Dance Festival 















Cranford Primary school participation in the Guinness book of world records


Cranford Primary has participated in the largest scrum recorded in the Guinness book of records.

The largest rugby scrum consisted of 1,198 participants, achieved by Sport Impact (UK) in Middlesex, UK, on 5 October 2015.

This attempt took place in the while the UK was hosting the 2015 Rugby World Cup. (

Cranford Primary had 14 participants from years 5 and 6 boys and girls.

Intraschool Tournaments (House Cup) 2018/19


 Tournaments of the year



Cross country 



Table Tennis
















House point totals 2018/19 (Spring):



1st -Eagles  698

1st - Kestrels 584

3rd - Hawks 574

4th - Falcons 532


 Congratulations to the Eagles for winning last years House cup! It is an outstanding achievement. Good luck for next year!!!!