Half term holidays run from Monday 22nd October until Friday 26th October - children must be back in school on Monday 29th October.
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Key Information

Curriculum at CPS

Pupil Premium Spending

The school has developed its own on-going Pupil Premium Strategy which outlines

  • our school’s pupil premium grant allocation amount
  • a summary of the main barriers to educational achievement faced by eligible pupils at our school
  • how we will spend the pupil premium to address those barriers and the reasons for that approach
  • how we will measure the impact of the pupil premium
  • the date of the next review of the school’s pupil premium strategy



Enabling Enterprise


Here at Cranford Primary, we take part in the Enabling Enterprise programme. Through this programme, pupils are given the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial skills and have the opportunity to visit national and global organisations. This gives them invaluable insight into the business and corporate world, preparing them for life in modern Britain.